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Natural Playground Design - Yellow Brick Road Day Care, Pump Farm, Newark

We recently had the pleasure of creating this natural playground design in the most beautiful setting.

With the surroundings of nature from the farm in the distance, this place to play will definitely encourage further outdoor learning for the children at Yellow Brick Road.

Elements of this design include sensory, sand, water, role play and lots more.

A fun and educational summer lies ahead for the children at this nursery!

Out with the old, and in with the new!

Before the renovation, this playground was definitely in need of a glow up.

We removed pretty much everything in sight and replaced it all with newness; with the exception of a shelter that we kept in place.

With it being an area specifically for nursery children, we filled this space with lots of different textures and sensory values.

To do this, we laid a path of interest, consisting of a selection of different surface options. The ones we used include new pour, wet pour, block paving and artificial grass.

Not only are paths of interest beneficial for early years, but they also brighten up any space with their unique design and colours.

Other sensory elements include coloured mystical fencing and a coloured shelter. Both of which look incredible when natural sunlight shines through, reflecting multiple colours onto the surface below.

Sensory play is great for inspiring imagination and creativity, as well as encouraging independent thinking. A fantastic way to learn through play.

A Magical Place to Play

During the design process with the team at Yellow Brick Road, we decided to create a magical space for children to delve into sand play.

This is not any ordinary sandpit, this large, bespoke sand area is surrounded by colourful, mystical fencing, adding a feeling of fantasy to the space.

With a sand play unit in the centre, and a rustic treasure chest to the corner, children will really feel like they are digging for gold whilst playing here. Fantastic for improving fine motor skills and physical strength!

Opposite the sand play space is a rustic outdoor classroom/playhouse, suitable to accommodate 15-20 children! With its characteristic features such as crooked windows and pergola roof, this playground structure will definitely inspire outdoor learning through play.

Caves and Streams

Leading up to both the sand area and outdoor classroom, is a timber boardwalk/rope bridge, allowing toddlers to view the playground from a different perspective. Also offering the view of the beautiful farm fields in the distance.

Adding a sense of nature and adventure to the playground, the bridge runs over a water play stream, cobbles, and a bed of plants.

To one side of this, we added a tunnel that feeds through a grass mound cave, surrounded by boulders. Tunnels are great for strengthening muscles as well as improving balance and coordination.

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For the rest of the playground, we included a barked area, consisting of a mud kitchen, allowing children to delve into messy play activities with friends.

Bespoke storage for coats and wellies was created to fix onto an existing wall of the nursery too. You can never have too much storage, can you?

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