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Adventure Trails

Adventure Trails

Adventure Trails (Trim Trails) for Schools and Nurseries.

Newby Leisure’s Adventure Trails can be installed as individual pieces or combined into full trails.

Fantastic for encouraging active and physical development, adventure trails are also a great piece of equipment to encourage social interaction at playtime. 

Providing a series of active challenges, children are able to clamber, crawl, balance and weave their way around the trails. Testing motor skills along the way, adventure trails are also very beneficial for children to develop an sense of resilience when it comes to risk taking. 

Offering stimulating outdoor exercise equipment to children is important for improving children’s fitness and mental health. Teamwork will become second nature to them also as they learn by taking turns on the trail, support each other's movements and celebrating completing the courses. All skills we require to develop into motivational, friendly adults. 

You can add excitement and extra challenge with clamber stacks and traverse walls.

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