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Construction Yards

Construction Yards

Construction yards are ideal! They offer roleplay opportunities that aid early years development. 

During Construction play children should be offered items used in a real-life situation. Particularly items used in DIY. 

Newby Leisure Real Mini Bricks are a superb complimentary play resource. 

Construction play helps children build on their fine and gross motor skills. Children go from barely being able to stack two blocks to building complex buildings.

Construction yards help improve problem-solving skills amongst early years. As they connect blocks and build objects they begin to understand basic maths - counting, addition, subtraction, and simplified geometry. 

Many other skills can be learnt through construction play. Important skills such as cooperative play, independent and innovative thinking and developing self-confidence and focus. 

Here at Newby Leisure, we supply and install many types of Construction Yards to aid child development. All our timber resources are designed and built in-house to the highest quality. 

Our range includes the Potting Shed, Children's Builders Yard and Outdoor Construction Pit

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