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Early Years Playground Design - Yellow Brick Road Day Care, Bracebridge Heath

An absolutely unbelievable transformation! We cannot believe the difference made to this outdoor learning space.

To start with, this area was completely worn and in need of a glow up.

After meeting with the wonderful team at Yellow Brick Road, we took their ideas on board and brought their vision to life.

Adding aspects of colour here and there, lots of timber play resources, bespoke bridges, water play streams and more.

Early years outdoor education will be in full swing this year for the children at Yellow Brick Road!

Maximum Potential!

The space within this area has definitely been utilised to its full potential. From one end to the other, this new playground is filled with endless learning through play opportunities.

Multiple play categories have been included within this scheme, to offer a variety of play and learning activities for all children.

Those categories include messy play, storytelling, construction play, water play, role play, nature play and more.

To differentiate these genres, we installed different textured surfacing to suit each category. For example, the water play area is set in block paving, whereas the storytelling area has artificial grass. Not only are these surfacing options durable, but they are also visually appealing due to their different colours.

Hours of fun and adventure to be had!

Upon entry to the playground there is a mystical fence and gate, inclusive of a bespoke sign and coloured lexan windows. This rustic feature looks fantastic and also adds sensory values to the scheme.

To the bottom end of the playground, we generated a natural role play area which also features mystical fencing. Within this space you will find a barked area, planters, and our famous woodcutters cottage.

There’s hours of fun to be had within this adventurous, natural playground design!

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