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Playground Renovation - Montagu Academy, Mexborough

Working in freezing cold conditions, Newby Leisure have completed one of our final playground renovations of 2023.

Working alongside the wonderful staff at Montagu Academy, we put together a design to completely transform their outdoor area.

Including multiple ways to aid outdoor, early years education, this play area offers the opportunity for children to learn through play all year round.

Taking a look back at images from our very first visit, the area was simply pavement in need of replacement with a selection of tired resources and playground equipment.

The Newby team was so excited to get stuck in and bring this playground back to life.

Bringing the playground to life

To begin with, we decided which surfacing options to use in each part of the space. In some areas, we left existing tarmac and to cover the rest of the grounds, we used a mixture of artificial grass, block paving, and bonded rubber mulch/bark.

Using a variety of surfacing solutions adds multiple textures and colours to the space and is also a great way of breaking up the playground into different categories.

For example, block paving has been used for water and messy play, whereas artificial grass (adhered to a rubber base) has been utilised where physical play is involved.

In another area, we also decided to incorporate a bike track, by adding line markings to the existing tarmac. Inside the track is a patch of artificial grass, with some freestanding teepee dens; great for role play activities.

Lots of fantastic features!

Taking P.E. lessons outdoors has been made even more fun thanks to Montagu’s new clamber stack. Not only are they fun, but they’re also fantastic for building physical strength.

Not just P.E. lessons, but classes in all subjects can be taken outside using the bespoke, pergola roof stage. This large stage features a chalkboard, which is perfect for teachers!

To the right of the stage is a Woodcutters Cottage; another fantastic feature to encourage role play activities with groups of friends. This will allow children to enhance social engagement at break times.

Other elements of play include a water stream, sand play, potting and planting, role play, sensory play, and construction play.

Whether you want to sit back and read a book in the storytelling area, or splash about in the stream; there is something for every child to enjoy in this playground.

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