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Construction Play

Construction play - it's time to build!

Construction play is all about shaping, building, and manipulating objects to create new and exciting structures. It’s creates learning opportunities for children of all ages. 

It’s particularly beneficial for early years because they learn to work towards a goal individually and as a group. Construction play allows them to explore their imagination and execute it in the real world. 

Early years begin to build important skills in the following areas: 

Maths - Construction play offers an opportunity for young children to explore shapes, sizes, symmetry, and counting. 

Creativity - Designing and executing their ideas in real life. Also, your little ones learn to explore a variety of materials and properties.  

Science - Young children begin to understand the concept of cause and effect, balance, and gravity in action. 

Language - Parents and teachers can use complex language when speaking about construction play, using terms such as scaffold, dimensions, measurements, and reinforcing. 

Self-esteem - Early years children will naturally start to build their confidence as they build and play because they’re able to control their environment. 

Teamwork - As children talk about their ideas and build together, they learn the important skill of cooperation. They will begin to practice basic negotiation amongst their peers. 

Powerful stuff right! The simplicity of building using a few blocks goes a long way. 

Give construction play ago today - we promise your little ones will love it! 

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