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11/02/2022 Blog

Newby Leisure's Outdoor Education Resources - The benefits they have on Early Years Development

Outdoor Play

To kickstart 2022, Newby Leisure have introduced not one, not two but THREE brand-new products to our range of timber play resources. Designed with education and early years development in mind, these fantastic products offer a variety of learning skills – making them perfect for any school or nursery environment!

Now, more than ever, due to the impact of the pandemic, children need the encouragement to take play and education outdoors. Play is essential for children; it provides them with fresh air and helps to formulate a positive relationship with nature. Outdoor playgrounds grant children with a free and open space to play whilst they learn and enhance key behaviour and social skills.

Early Years Outdoor Slide

To begin, we have the Early Years Outdoor Slide, brilliant for improving personal strength and physical ability. A slide is a staple piece of play equipment in any outdoor learning setting. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like awaiting your turn at the top of the slide whilst at the park, is there?

Not only does this slide generate fun for the children, but it can also be utilised for many educational purposes. From the steps to the slide, both are equally a significant contribution to an improvement in your child’s physical fitness. When a child prepares themselves to head down the slide, it allows them to learn body control, as well as practicing awareness, balance, and positioning.

Using a slide to learn through play will aid the enhancement of social interaction abilities. A great way to boost this is to suggest that children make a game out of taking it in turns to use the slide. Perhaps they can time one another to see who travels to the bottom the fastest?

Made from Scandinavian Redwood Timber, designed to be used outdoors and withstand all weather kinds. This beautifully manufactured resource will make the perfect addition to your playground or garden at home!

Wooden Adventure Tunnel

Onto the next, here is the all-new Wooden Adventure Tunnel – a fabulous two-in-one combinational play resource! The ideal product to improve physical strength and develop gardening skills, killing two birds with one stone!

This robust resource contains two planters, situated either side of the central tunnel. Potting and planting as a child can be very beneficial as it can stimulate a child’s imagination and develop their enthusiasm and appreciation for the great outdoors. Having planters in your school or nursery helps to boost a sense of community, as children love being surrounded by nature whilst they play. Also, social engagement and team building will increase by having a growing bed or vegetable patch in your playground – children love to watch how they grow and develop!

In addition to the benefits of nature play, an advantage of our all-new Wooden Adventure Tunnel is that physical play is encouraged. Children have the opportunity to clamber through this unique resource whilst gaining self-confidence through social interaction at play time.

Tunnels help flourish gross motor skills and also offer children and toddlers an enjoyable and interactive way to play. Not failing to mention, it formulates an incredible hiding spot during a game of hide and seek!

Outdoor Messy Mud Kitchen

Last but certainly not least, is a commodity that will grant your little ones with the freedom to generate mess until their heart’s content. Messy, imaginative, creative, role play – it cannot be topped! This particular genre of play is considered as one of the best and most memorable ways of learning through play. Although fun, it is highly beneficial for a child to learn through play – even more so if done outdoors!

The importance of collaborative learning and fine motor skills was considered during the design process of this EYFS resource. Whilst getting stuck into some cooking, baking and all-year-round, outdoor fun; this design will aid early years learning. Mud pies, coming right up!

Using your imagination as a child is probably the only concept of independence that any child will feel. When it comes to messy play, your children can edge into a world of their own and create whatever springs into mind.

This outdoor play resource featured cubby holes and small hooks; these can be used to hang utensils and store pans, pots, and other essential kitchen equipment.

There is lots of outdoor fun to be had with Newby Leisure’s Messy Mud Kitchen. Children can spend hours mixing magic potions and concoctions created using natural elements. Or maybe your child will imagine they are the next best chef as they prepare delicious mud pies!

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