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28/10/2021 Blog

Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween is a holiday loved by many all over the world. Children take joy in Halloween as it allows them to inhabit a character, whether it be their favourite cartoon personality or a frightening figure. Not forgetting to mention the enormous payday children get when trick or treating. FREE sweets!

If you are looking for a way to spice up Halloween, Newby Leisure have put together a list of super fun activities to fit the fabulous holiday. Check them out below!

Carve a Pumpkin

Head to a local pumpkin patch and pick the best of the bunch. Choose from a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours and create an army of pumpkin people by carving faces into them. Enjoy messy play as you scoop out piles and piles of pumpkin seeds before starting to carve. Then begin to gently design your masterpiece! You could even practice literacy skills by carving words into your pumpkin. Why not write “Happy Halloween” in one?

Apple Bobbing

This is a classic Halloween party game that has been enjoyed by many children over the decades. The rules are simple: fill a large bowl/bucket with water and apples (the apples should float). The next step is to one by one, fish an apple out of the water using only your mouth. The first child to grab an apple, wins!

Why not fill up your Mini Water Fun Unit for this game? It is ideal as multiple children can surround the unit as they participate in the fun!

Trick or Treat

You can’t beat a trip of trick or treat around your local neighbourhood. There’s nothing that lights up a child’s face more than a bag full of sweets and treats, especially when they are free! This is what Halloween is all about: knocking from door to door, cheering “trick or treat” and spreading the joy!

Costume Making

Struggling to find the perfect costume for your little ones? Use your imagination to the best of your ability and produce your very own costume! It can be as simple as using only household goods, you just need to be as creative as can be! For example, pop on a plain white t-shirt and wrap toilet paper around your body and you become a mummy. Or cut holes in an old white bed sheet and transform into Casper the ghost. Get the kids involved, they will love inventing their very own look!

Spooky Stories

Get cosy around a fire (indoors or out), grab your favourite snacks or a handful of sweets that you collected during your trick or treat trip, light candles, and turn out the overhead lights. Now you are all set, get started in sharing some of the best, traditional, spooky stories of all time. Don’t frighten the kids too much!

Potion Making

Take the Halloween fun outdoors with our Messy Play Table. The perfect timber play resource to enhance communication and language skills whilst having lots of messy fun. Since it’s Halloween, have fun generating magic, wizard potions! Use food colouring and glitter to provide the magic atmosphere. Try adding baking soda and watch the foaming begin...

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