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02/06/2021 Blog

Making a Memorable Childhood

Making a Memorable Childhood

Creating a memorable childhood is not always easy, but it does not have to be as challenging as you might think. It may come as quite a surprise when you realise how little you must do to generate a notable memory. Sometimes, all it takes to form a smile is the simple surroundings of nature, with or without company! The perception of greenery and the earthy scent of trees is enough to make anyone happy.

So, what does it take to achieve unforgettable days for your children? 

Simply, take them outside! Heading into the woods or playing out on a field with friends are some of the fondest memories of childhood for us adults today. If you think back to a day when you were young, you are most likely to remember a day spent outdoors than a day spent indoors. Like they say, children are very unlikely to remember their best days of television!

If you are struggling to come up with plentiful outdoor activities to keep your little ones entertained, do not worry, we are here to inspire you. First step: head into the woods, or the forest or maybe a park. Then, rustle up a rope swing; you cannot go wrong with a good, old fashioned rope swing on a tree. The sense of flying through the leaves as you swing by is great imaginative encouragement. Maybe you are Peter Pan on your way to Neverland or Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet. That is the beauty of your imagination, you can be whoever, or wherever you wish to be. To construct a rope swing, all you need is some strong rope of good length, tip-top knot tying skills to ensure safety and a steady, solid tree.

Have you got a place in mind yet? Is there a river, or perhaps a stream? 

If so, why not bring your wellies along with you and have a paddle (if it is safe to do so of course). Water play provides children with a boundless measure of joy at the same time as strengthening and developing fine motor skills and physical fitness, both educational and fun! When a child has teamed up with water, their natural instinct is to explore and discover – hence why they tend to jump into puddles. Try not to stress about the mud and mess, it is all part of the fun!

With every glimpse you take of the great outdoors, you are circled with opportunities. Use your imagination to generate activities for your children to revel in. Suggest that they climb a tree, a tree that is not too high and one that you can supervise at all times. Tree climbing is advantageous for building a child’s muscle strength and self-esteem. It is a movement that requires the use of your entire body, developing balance and coordination proficiency. Once children reach their target climbing height, they generally feel gratification and fulfilled.

While technology today is truly remarkable, it is not comparable to an outdoor adventure. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, but it also it contributes to your general and physical wellbeing. Whereas, consuming too much screen time can quite frankly do the opposite to a child. So, encourage your child to climb that tree, let them run too fast that they become short of breath, laugh when they make a raging mess from jumping into puddles. Those are the days that your children will look back on.

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