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16/04/2021 Blog

Encouraging Outdoor Play after Lockdown

Getting Children back Outside after Lockdown!

It is no secret that this year has been a tough one, especially for children. They have been deprived from seeing friends and have spent most of the year stuck at home and outdoor education has somewhat been limited. As we slowly ease back into normality, it is especially important to encourage outdoor play and social interaction. 

Being outside presents your children with the chance to head into their own imaginative world, anticipating freedom. They need to be handed opportunities to explore the great outdoors as those are the days that generate some of the most extraordinary childhood memories.

We can only imagine the amount of time children spent cooped up in their bedrooms behind the screens during lockdown, subtracting their physical ability. Enduring too much screen time is damaging for any child as it may boost behaviour issues, confuse sleeping habits and distract them from their education. Because of this, the simple fun of playing outside has been neglected and it is imperative that we exhilarate this once again.

So, why is it so important for children to spend more time outdoors after lockdown you may ask?

Outdoor play helps to develop social skills as children incorporate friends, whether they are real or imaginary. Being outdoors grants children to an extensive space that makes them feel free, allowing them to discover themselves and their surroundings. It also boost’s physical ability and stamina; this strengthens muscles and bones, builds immunity and decreases the risks of diseases such as: diabetes, heart problems and obesity.

There is an endless list of outdoor activities for children to undertake whilst playing outdoors. These include cycling, rollerblading, hula-hooping, bat and ball games and more. No need to panic if you do not have access to any of the following equipment, there is still a vast list of great and traditional, outdoor activities to keep children entertained. Why not try hopscotch or race your friends? Maybe even take joy in skipping or play eye spy! The main factor to consider in the list of action above is that each one is sustainable for social distancing, keeping the kids safe outdoors!

As we are now in springtime and the summer months are pending, Newby Leisure would encourage children to become active once again.

What ideas have you got to get your children/pupils outdoors this springtime?

Thanks for reading!

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