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31/07/20 Blog

The Benefits of Cooperative Play in Early Years Development!

The Benefits of Cooperative Play in Early Years Development!

Hurray! Lockdown is over. Let’s get out and play again. 

Outdoor play can now be enjoyed individually or in small groups of children. 

Newby Leisure, playground designer, manufacturer and supplier have handcrafted educational resources that aid cooperative play. We recognise that cooperative play is essential for early years development. 

In order to understand the importance of cooperative play, it's beneficial to look at the 6 stages of play. 

Below are six stages a child goes through, in order to grow as an individual and in a team. These stages help early years to develop a stronger sense of self.

6 Stages of play!

So what is cooperative play? 

The final stage, of the six stages of play, is cooperative play. Cooperative play occurs when children engage in activities where effort and responsibilities are equally distributed, in furtherance of reaching a common goal. 

This can be seen in activities such as organising and performing theatrical performances on stage, building dens and delegating tasks amongst children. These activities encourage children to work together, sharing ideas and coming up with different play scenarios. Naturally, children begin to practice independent learning which is another important stage of early childhood development. 

Play helps children to learn from very early on in their development. Thus, developing mental, social, emotional and physical skills. These skills are crucial at this point in their young lives.  Children have the opportunity to pick what roles they want to play i.e leader or follower. They begin to understand what’s involved in these roles and which one they prefer. 

The Benefits of Cooperative Play 

  • Working together to achieve a common goal 
  • Developing skills in problem-solving 
  • Sharing and exploring Ideas 
  • Leadership and Teamwork 
  • Speaking and Listening skills
  • Improves social, mental and emotional and physical skills 
  • Everyone is a winner!
  • Creates healthy competition 

Why not try our educational timber resources that have been designed with cooperative play in mind? 

Weights and Scales Table 

(£425.00 + VAT) 


The Children’s Wooden Weights and Scale Table are great for outdoor mathematical learning in small groups! Early years learn to estimate, predict, compare, contrast and evaluate different materials as they play. Children can work in groups to weigh and measure objects they find outdoors. As a result, they begin to understand the concept of weights and dimensions.

Children’s Water Play Chutes 

(£360.00 + VAT)


Water play chutes are brilliant on a hot summers day. Children will be amazed as they watch as the water trickles down the chutes showing different speeds of fluidity. Children can move the chutes in different positions and experiment as a team or individually to see which positions allow the water to flow easier. 

Mini Adventure Trail 

(£295.00 + VAT)


Children can build on their coordination and balancing skills as a team or individually with Newby Leisure's Mini Adventure Trail. Watch as your child creates unique pathways whilst they enhance their social skills with peers. Together, children can discuss the best way to use the adventure trail to pinpoint a destination, as well as building on their physical development and creating new and exciting structures.

Drawing Table 

(£295.00 + VAT)


Newby Leisure’s drawing table has been designed for early years to develop their drawing skills, whilst they interact with their friends. The easy-clean acrylic surface allows children to draw together and create artistic masterpieces individually or with friends. 

Stuck for ideas? 

Here are some cooperative play examples you can try at home!

Cooperative games include, Den Building, Team Games, Messy Play, Dance, Treasure Hunts and Roleplay.  

    Stay safe and let us know what your favourite cooperative play activity is ?!

    Thanks for reading!

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    "Together, we're better".

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