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28/04/2020 Blog

20 Activities for Early Years during lockdown!

20 Activities for Early Years during lockdown

Deep breaths! If you're running out of ideas during lockdown to keep your little ones busy learning and entertained during the isolation period - look no further. 

 We’ve got this! Newby Leisure, playground design and timber play resource suppliers, have a list of fun and educational activities to keep your loved ones occupied during this draughting time. We even have a list of family fund-raising activities if you're feeling adventurous. 

 We think many parents are doing a superb job! It’s a tricky time for us all and we’re here to help. So, on with our early years' activity ideas…

(1) Playing musical instruments using pots, pans and wooden spoons. Encourage your little one to get creative and express themselves through music. You might find they have a hidden musical talent! 

(2) Why not listen to their favourite child-friendly podcasts, such as Circle Round, Story Pirates, Fierce Girls, Brains on and Plant Storytime (available on Apple, Google and Stitcher). 

(3) Get them moving and learning to Wiggle Waggle - a movement and literacy series. As they listen and play they enhance their physical development, personal, social and emotional skills. Also, they begin to their communication and social skills as they play. 

(4) Make a sensory box - perfect for both outdoor and indoor play. Here is a complete guide on how to build your very own sensory box. The benefits of this activity include fine and gross motor skills development as your child feels and plays with a variety of objects, materials and textures. 

(5) Water Painting is such fun on a sunny day! All you need is a patio, paintbrushes and a pot of water and let them paint away. Water play is great for expression and creativity, as well as physical development amongst early years. 

(6) Children love den building. Why not let them build a den in the garden - all they need is an old bed sheet and a few pillows. Den building will keep them entertained for hours and has endless roleplay adventure opportunities. 

(7) Get baking with your little ones - here is a cooking guide to get children in the kitchen and building basic culinary skills. 

(8) Love storytime? Why not watch Oliver Jeffers read his favourite stories live on Instagram at 6 pm GMT daily. Click here for his profile. 

(9) Colouring printables are a great way to keep your children quiet during the lockdown. Click here for a variety of early years colouring pages available on Twinkl. 

(10) Looking for a fun and imaginative challenge? Why not try the 30 Day LEGO Challenge. Let your little one's imagination run wild and get them creating their favourite structures. Here is a link to the 30 Day LEGO Challenge

(11) Have a Teddy Bear Picnic! Let your little ones bring their favourite teddies outdoor. They can afternoon tea and share cakes, tea and sandwiches. 

(12) Homemade puzzles are a great activity. Both fun and educational, puzzles will your child entertained for hours. Here is a guide to making a homemade puzzle using household objects. 

(13) Missing your loved ones? Why not facetime Grandma and Grandad. 

(14) Kick start a Kids Yoga session! A great way for early years to boost their immunity. Yoga is soothing and can help them to become calmer and focused. Click here for a complete guide.   

(15) Twinkle offers many educational and fun downloadable resources for Early Years (ages 3-5). Click here to access school closure activity packs. 

    Feeling brave? Why not try our virtual family fundraising activities... 

    (16) Pet Portraits to raise money for your local animal shelter. To set up your own fundraising ideas online you can use ( 

    (17) The 2.6 Challenge Fundraising for World Child Cancer - is a simple and fun way for everyone to do their bit to help save the UK's charities. To donate please click here

    (18) Dress up as your favourite superhero's and be sponsored to do a mile hike with your child/children at home to support the NHS.  

    (19) Sponsored Sleepover in the garden to help raise money for the homeless. You can create your own fundraising platform using (

    (20) Hold a Toddler Triathlon - turn your little one into a super athlete and raise money for your favourite causes. Click here for a complete guide. 

    Take care and let us know what your favourite activity is during lockdown!?

    Thanks for reading!

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