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28/02/2020 Blog

Get Outdoors this Spring: 5 Activities Early Years will absolutely love!

Spring Activities for Early Years

Phew! Those long dark nights have finally coming to an end and Spring is here! 

Spring is a great time for outdoor activities. Newby Leisure recognises and values the importance of outdoor play - designing playgrounds and educational equipment that embraces and enhances outdoor education. Our timber play resources provide early years with the opportunity to have fun outdoors, as they learn and play this spring. Spring is the perfect time for children to see and understand the changes in their outdoor environment; as well as building on the prime areas of learning. Outdoor play, during springtime, aids early years development. Important skills are built outdoors such as physical and emotional development, communication, language and social skills. 

Spring Activity Ideas for Early Years 

  1. Planting and Growing

Our Outdoor Ingredients Table is the perfect resource for early years to learn, explore and investigate growth above and below the soil. Children can plant herbs, grow a variety of different plants and best of all get messy! The Outdoor Ingredients Table is robust and sturdy; made from high-quality FSC Pressure Treated Redwood Timber. This resource offers endless hours of fun for early years - through messy play, they begin to understand their environment whilst enhancing their numerical skills. 

Outdoor Ingredients Table


(£145.00 + VAT) 

Take mark-marking to new heights with Newby Leisure’s Drawing Table. This wonderful wooden resource allows children the freedom to express themselves. Newby Leisure’s Drawing Table has an easy-clean acrylic surface allowing children to play, draw and wipe away. The Drawing Table has been designed with social interaction in mind. Children can gather around talking about the marks they have made using a variety of different tools. After all, springtime is a beautiful source of inspiration for all artistic endeavours. Your little ones naturally enhance their communication skills as they mark-make together and talk about their creations. 

Drawing Table 


(£295.00 + VAT) 

3. Mini-beasts and Habitats 

Outdoor play is a great way to introduce little ones to their natural environment. As they play outdoor they begin to be inspired by what is living around them. Our Mini Bug Hotel offers early years endless learning opportunities from how to grow plants to numerical skills when counting how many bugs have checked-in! This education resource is built to last and made from FSC Pressure Treated Red Wood. 

Mini Bug Hotel


(£145.00 + VAT) 

Through outdoor construction play children develop problem solving and numerical abilities as they build, count and deconstruct. Construction play is ideal during spring, offering your little one the chance to build from their imagination. This activity enhances children’s innovative and logical thinking, through problem-solving and exploration of different build methods. Newby Leisure’s Block Cart and Blocks are built on movable castors to encourage social engagement and numerical learning. All Newby Leisure products are designed and manufactured using the high-quality FSC Pressure Treated Redwood Timber. 

Block Cart and Blocks


(£229.00 + VAT) 

Water play is an ace way for children to learn about nature as well as providing them with the means to learn a multitude of different skills. Newby Leisure design and manufacture natural playground equipment that encourages children to play - whatever the weather! Our Children’s Water Play Chutes help children to learn about the flow and properties of water. They’re able to observe as water trails down the cutes at different speeds of fluidity. The Water Play Chutes can be placed in different positions to allow the water to flow easier. 

Children’s Water Play Chutes


(£360.00 + VAT)

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