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Construction Play

At Newby Leisure, you will know we are passionate about the outdoors. As with all factors of playing outside/exploring, we feel it's also important for children to develop problem solving and numerical abilities too.

You may have seen our Construction Yards? These are a very popular choice amongst many of the designs we have the pleasure of building and working on. We find teachers are very fond of these areas as it brings out a child's creative skills.

Our construction areas are just the right size to instigate collective play and allow children to work with each other to build on play experiences.

You will see from the pictures included in this blog (and online) the versatility they offer to a playground. Not only that, but they are visually appealing too.

Construction Play is something every child can engage in. Teachers will love the thought of children playing with bricks to use mathematics to their advantage, or the feel of sand running through a child's hands to develop sensory abilities.

As you would imagine, there is a lot of touching and feeling associated with construction play. This is great for allowing young minds to blossom as they find themselves building, counting, growing, engaging and most of all enjoying the general play experience. Construction play is ideal for all seasons too.

It is a scientific fact that children learn faster in their early years than they ever will again - it’s a important time in their development. Taking this into consideration they need possibilities and open ended activities that will allow them to grow and develop to their full potential. This is why construction play will be great for them because it opens up a variety of opportunity and skills.

Newby Leisure provides many different suggestions and advice when it comes to this type of thing, so please do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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