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11/09/2015 Blog

Learning Through Sand And Water Play

Young children love the idea of playing with sand and water. It's something we always encourage here at Newby Leisure as massive benefits come of it. The beauty of sand and water though, lies in the therapy it gives to children.

It's not uncommon to see sand pits, water walls and other similar products in school playgrounds. It's something that has been included for generations as it's an original way of getting children engaged in something that offers brilliant educational benefits. The satisfaction that derives from sand and water play is massive! It's a fantastic way to help develop children's creativeness with educational ability and mind stimulation.

Various playground resources are now in place to adopt the traditional way of learning with sand and water to new methods that are offering modern benefits to children's learning.

If you consider core subjects such as maths and science, both are ideal for hands on learning and both generally offer a chance for children to explore and experiment. We all know how hard it is to keep children focused, so adding value to their learning through water and sand will keep them alert and engaged.

Problem solving, textures, consistency measures and more can all come from having sand and water products in your playground.

At Newby Leisure we're always thinking-up ways to offer ever-enhancing designs to boost educational practise. Below are a few ideas to share with you on how to get the most out of children's education using sand and water.

Water Wall.

Splish! Splash! Water Walls are a fantastic feature to have in any school. They are visually appealing and lure children into having fun whilst developing muscular ability through pouring, hand and eye coordination, gravity and water behaviour.

Sand Pits.

Sand play is common practise in schools. There are many hours of fun in just one pit! Being therapeutic for children, it helps them to use their imagination. Whilst being great for numerical education, sand pits are a great asset to have in school for physical development. Digging, lifting, scooping all help growing kids become strong and fit.

Water Tower

The Water Tower is an adaptation of the Water Wall. The tower allows children to navigate around the product whilst still offering all the benefits of the Water Wall. Again, if you're looking to get children involved in social communication, the though process of textures, flow and more, this is something that would offer great value to your play area.

Imaginative and Creative Play.

All the above are brilliant for imaginative and creative play. So often we find it's the smaller practises that lead to bigger things where education is concerned and these items are a fine example of this. For children, they are always drawn to anything that's exciting and new, so it's a good idea to refresh ideas whenever possible.

When it comes to sand and water children enjoy making shapes and generally experimenting. If you're looking for more advice on sand and water play, or feel your school could benefit from the service we offer at Newby Leisure, please feel free to contact us. We love to talk and better still we love education!

You're also welcome to visit the water play section of our website for more information.

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