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Secret Garden Revamp - Castle Wood Academy

Natural Cave

Castle Wood Academy - Designed to capture the essence of nature!

Newby Leisure designed and installed a natural playground at Castle Wood Academy to capture the spirit of the outdoors. 

This learning environment inspires early years education, particularly stimulating their imagination and encouraging them to learn outdoors.

The build offers fresh educational purpose boosting a Clamber Hill and Cave, as well as a Natural Playhouse. 

Newby Leisure were very proud to be a part of this exciting project. Our vision is to get early years children outdoors learning and having fun as they play.

This playscheme is built to last, we hope that the pupils of Castle Wood Academy will have hours of fun. 

Here at Newby Leisure, we're pleased to play a great part in the academy’s new history. 

Natural Playhouse
Clamber Hill and Natural Cave
Natural Playground Designers
Natural Paving and Shelter
Natural Paving and Shelter

Take a scroll through the pictures above by clicking the tabs and let us know your thoughts!

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