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Old Clee Primary Academy - Gym Equipment

Our latest range of outdoor gym equipment has reached Old Clee Primary Academy, in style! Encouraging imaginative play whilst exercising during outdoor P.E. lessons.

We were able to create this design to meet the requirements of the school, allowing children to collaborate fitness with learning whilst enjoying some fresh air. 

Although gym equipment is typically designed to boost health and fitness, additionally it is a great way to strengthen social interaction.

Bespoke Shelter

The gym equipment is covered with a bespoke shelter which includes an arched, polycarbonate roof and has two open ends allowing consistent air to flow through. This gives children the opportunity to exercise outside regardless of the weather. Artificial grass was installed to give the gym that natural look and feel whilst also ensuring definite safety.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass was the safer surfacing chosen for the internal part of the shelter. It gives a natural look and feel to any playground setting. We provide artificial grass in areas that are intensively used, resulting in the look and feel of natural grass that will withstand the test of time.

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