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Natural Creative Play Environment for EYFS - Kids Planet, Chorley

The Newby team have completed yet another Kids Planet playground design; inclusive a natural, bespoke bridge, water play stream, sand play and plants throughout the surroundings. 

From a complete blank canvas to a magnificent play zone, the kids of Kids Planet will spend hours of fun in their fresh, natural, creative play environment!

Bespoke Timber Bridge

The main attraction of this natural, outdoor learning setting is definitely the handmade, timber bridge. A beautiful, legitimate element that makes a great feature in any school or nursery environment. Newby Leisure manufacture bespoke bridges to any size or shape, suited to your desired space.

The kids of Kids Planet, Chorley can overlook the entire playground when standing on their brand-new bridge. The view from the bridge shows all aspects of the area, including the water play stream and messy play area.

One end of the bridge is on ground level and the other is on raised ground, leading to the stream. The different level of grounds generates risk and challenge play for the children.

By incorporating a bridge, it will encourage more outdoor role play, social interaction, and even physical development. The little ones will love to toddle and walk across as they play with friends!

Fallen Clamber Tree

Physical play was a key aspect considered when co-designing this natural, creative play environment, alongside the teachers of Kids Planet.

In addition to the other natural elements surrounding the capacity, we decided to add a reclaimed clamber tree to the grounds to inspire further physical play.

Encouraging physical activities during early years education helps toddlers and young children build healthy bones and muscles, which will then lead to improving gross and fine motor skills.

Not only this, but physical play supports cognitive development and boosts self-esteem and confidence within a child.

The kids of Kids Planet will stay entertained all day as they clamber and climb their fallen tree!

Natural Play Environment

The crew at Kids Planet requested an all-natural play area for children to learn and play and appreciate their surroundings whilst doing so. Newby Leisure have definitely brought their ideas to life, don’t you think?

Natural elements are featured in every section of this field, creating a natural look and feel to this fantastic outdoor, educational environment.

Stones, pebbles, mud, bark, sand, and water – it doesn’t get more natural than that! Adding flower beds, planters and all things nature related, generates the perfect finish to your outdoor area.

Being outside in a natural environment, children are granted with the opportunity to socialise and engage with class friends, whilst learning about the environment they play in.

Sand and Water Play

When co-designing this natural play space alongside Kids Planet, the team wished to ensure that toddlers and young children had a space that was equally a fun and educational place to grow both individually and as part of a team. To achieve this, sand and water play has been incorporated throughout.

Playing in sand is terrific for developing gross motor skills as they will learn to utilise different tools and accessories. The more they dig, shovel and mold, their hand-eye coordination, physical and motor skills will excel.

As well as sand, water play is also a fundamental element included in the design. 

A water play stream was incorporated into this scheme to encourage more water play for the children to take part in. Little ones can pump water and watch as it flows to the end of the stream. This would be great to integrate into a science lesson!

The sand and water play space area is situated on the higher level of ground, generating risk and challenge in play too!

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the primary surfacing chosen throughout this outdoor play space, providing a bright and natural area for children to play.

It is hard-wearing, durable and an attractive surface solution for any school or nursery setting. It is definitely the ideal option for outdoor spaces that are frequently used, and I am sure the little ones at Kids Planet will definitely be spending a lot of time using their bran-new play zone!

Not only does artificial grass look great, but it is also one of the safest options due to its cushioned fall.

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