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Tower Road Academy - Discovery Area

Developing outdoor play, the Newby Leisure way at Tower Road Academy, Boston. 

Offering schools the chance to be creative with their outdoor play areas is something Newby Leisure always encourage. Natural play areas offer a different dynamic to your school and a 'wow factor' for children to engage in physical play activities.

By using natural items to create streams, beaches and bridges, your outdoor play area will have so much more to offer than a tarmacked design with simple markings would. 

The idea with natural play is to make designs that get children thinking more about the outdoors and ways it can benefit their education. 

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Water Play Stream

By pumping water through the stream, chasing the water down the hill to the other end will develop physical education and be thought provoking. 

Tower Road Academy teachers can watch as children run back to the top of the hill to take turns in learning about fluidity and measures - all whilst they have fun in the process!

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Adding touches of green to play areas can really offer warmth to a child's playtime. 

Mixing that with earthy colours too really helps bring natural play to life! With many playgrounds like this which Newby Leisure have created, we find them to have a positive effect on children's mindsets when back in the classroom too. 

The schemes are designed to build upon social interaction and spark imaginations and really help with creating a child's imagination.

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