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Natural Playground Development - Old Clee Primary

Natural play just got a whole lot better at Old Clee Primary School, Grimsby. 

Newby Leisure were pleased to deliver another fun and engaging playground development at Old Clee Primary School having previously designed another of their play areas. 

This design was created to offer children more freedom outdoors. Taking a used method of splitting the play areas into zones, the new playground offers much more by way of social interaction. 

Educational benefit is always at the forefront of any installation Newby Leisure complete. It's important to get the right balance of play and education on playgrounds and we've definitely achieved this again here. 


Amphitheatres are perfect for all schools. A great way to get children learning outdoors, they can be used for role play activities, outdoor shows, outdoor reading and teaching.

Children can utilise their imagination to the best of their ability by undertaking numerous role-play activities!

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Sensory stimulation plays a big part in this playground as it will subconsciously teach children about nature and natural play.

Newby Leisure are big fans of natural areas such as this one. They are really fun and kids love them! Having the option to climb, run and burn off steam offers multiple benefits to a child's health too.

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Take a scroll through the pictures below by clicking the tabs and feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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