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Hartsholme Academy Playground Design

After a well-thought-out planning process, this final development at Hartsholme Academy, Lincolnshire didn’t disappoint.

Newby Leisure transformed the school's outdoor play area to offer a unique place for children to engage in adventure and excitement. The area was built with longevity in mind and offers lots of educational prospects. Each corner of this build brings something different to education allowing children to absorb the outdoors to their advantage and have freedom in their play.

Stone Tunnels

Combining nature with play is a key aim of Newby Leisure’s and we feel we have more than achieve that at Hartsholme Academy. There’s a good balance in the theme of the playground with the rustic look of Robinia wood and stone tunnels. The stream that runs through the middle of the area offers a tranquil dynamic to the school whilst working as a great visual alongside the bespoke sandpit.

Having a separate space for a playhouse and seating allowed the grounds to gel and bring out all the characteristics the school desired.

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Take a scroll through the pictures below by clicking the tabs and feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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