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Early Years Play Area - Heighington Academy

A Natural Learning Environment that covers all aspects of play! 

Newby Leisure has revamped Heighington Academy's existing playground to support outdoor learning for early years children. 

A variety of our timber play supplies have been incorporated to encourage a variety of play activities that help young children learn in a safe environment. 

Our Hide and Shade is ideal for children who want to read in quiet or relax with their friends. 

A construction yard has been installed for all those children who love to build and knock down structures. As they craft their ideas they naturally practice numerical play - calculating dimensions and the weights of the materials they use. 

Being an open-ended product, children will have hours of fun engaging in various role-play activities.

Storage won't be a problem at Heighington Academy now!

Newby Leisure has crafted a bespoke storage unit with builders yard attached to it. 

Now your little ones will have plenty of room to store their favourite play items. 

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