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Creative Outdoor Play Environment for EYFS - Bourne Abbey CE Primary Academy, Lincolnshire

Newby Leisure has recently had the pleasure of teaming up with the staff at Bourne Abbey to utilise a beautiful, small space in the best way possible to enhance early years education.

To do this, an array of timber play resources from all categories of play, feature in this extraordinary design.

Water play, construction play, messy play, role play and so on. There is something to suit all at Bourne Abbey.

Teachers can allow the children to spend play time engaging in all kinds of outdoor play with friends, developing a number of skills whilst doing so!

Imaginative Storytelling Space

Creative and imaginative thinking will come into play within this visionary, storytelling space.

Inclusive of a storytelling corner, coloured shelter, coloured teepee and painting window, children can bring out their most creative sides as they learn through play.

Designed to capture imagination and spark creativity, teachers will love taking literacy outdoors now that they have this fantastic space for reading.

The painting window is a brilliant addition to this sector. Children will establish their hand-eye co-ordination skills as they paint whatever springs to their imagination.

Whether they fancy a quiet space to read and relax, or somewhere to paint and create, this versatile area has the best of both worlds!

Messy Play Station

With multiple, bespoke mud kitchens incorporated into this design, the primary school children now have the opportunity to spend play time using their imagination as they learn through messy play.

Mixing potions and creating mud pies has got to be at the top of a child’s to do list when a mud kitchen is in sight, right?

Not only will the children enhance their fine motor skills through mixing and mashing, but their social skills will begin to develop as they gather around the unit with classmates.

Using inspiration to the fullest, there are numerous ways to accomplish creativity through messy play. As well as fun, mud kitchens are a great educational resource that can be incorporated into outdoor learning sessions.

Not forgetting to mention the fun that can be had with water play! Included in this section is Newby Leisure’s H shaped water wall; both exciting and challenging.

Fantastic for early years development, children will move the pipes and reposition them to increase hand-eye coordination skills.

The teachers of Bourne Abbey can now make mathematics, science and literacy lessons more fun as they add messy, water play to their curriculum!

Imaginative Role Play Corner

Kids love to pretend, and play make believe – it grants them with the opportunity to be whoever they wish to be for a short period of time. Maybe they’re impersonating their favourite Disney character?

To allow the children of Bourne Abbey to put their performing skills to test, Newby Leisure installed a small corner stage, underneath the polycarbonate shelter.

Outdoor stages encourage collaborative play amongst young children. As children play together, they begin to develop their communication and language skills, allowing them to work in groups.

Paired with the stage is a mounted wall mirror, encouraging imaginative and creative thinking as the children play.

Indoor/Outdoor Play Space

Generating and indoor/outdoor space means that this natural playground design can be utilised all-year round, regardless of the weather conditions.

Materials used to create this look include a polycarbonate roof. This is ideal around children as it protects from harmful UV rays, whilst still allowing light to travel through and brighten up to area.

Surrounding this natural learning environment is a bespoke timber fence, ensuring safety for the school children.

Our fencing is not only safe but provides an attractive natural backstop to your school playground.

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