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Churchill Park Academy - Kings Lynn

Creative playtime is now at the heart of Churchill Park Academy School, Kings Lynn after a playground revival to transform their outdoor play area. 

Newby Leisure were pleased to develop this exciting project to children of the school in order to invigorate play and education. Incorporating key aspects of everyday play with play tunnels, construction play, creative play and breakout areas, the scheme was designed with longevity in mind to develop all areas of outdoor education. 

All Newby Leisure's high-quality outdoor spaces are free-flowing to give children the chance of play, anytime of day. Nature is an important element to the schemes too. We find this is paramount to keep children's minds active throughout the day and allow them to focus when back inside the classroom. 

Water Play Stream

By adding play streams to areas, this nurtures social interaction and group activities - the summer months will especially be great for this as children can get on their wet clothes and splash away!

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A factor that needs to be considered for the majority of play schemes is physical development. On this scheme we have decided to use a play tunnel and a fair amount of green space to get the children running and clambering around.

As always, our design and sales team worked closely with the school in Kings Lynn to create a play space that will last for years to come. Another fulfilling and smooth operation from start to finish!

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