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Outdoor Musical Equipment for Schools

Outdoor Musical Equipment for Schools

Outdoor Musical Equipment for Schools 

Newby Leisure's outdoor musical range benefits children of all ages. From birth music is used to calm and soothe young children, helping them to express emotions, engage and interact with their parents. 

Musical experiences in childhood increase brain activity which leads to cognitive development, particularly in areas that help children to read and form language. Learning an instrument improves mathematical learning and aids academic ability; according to the National Association of Music Merchants. 

Musical play encourages children to use their imagination, improvise and express themselves. Children are innately musical. They love the spontaneity that music provides. Naturally, they will formulate beats and rhythms as soon as their able. 

Our range of outdoor musical instruments is perfect for early years and primary education - allowing children to explore and create, whilst building their self-esteem. 

Music provides many developmental benefits and opportunities for learning. Afterall, music brings us joy!

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