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Rustic Outdoor Nursery Environment - Limes Play & Learn, Louth

Rustic Outdoor Nursery Environment - Limes Play & Learn, Louth

Limes Play and Learn is now the proud new home of all things fun, adventure, and education!

Newby Leisure have recently had the pleasure of designing and completing this magnificent playground project. We had so much fun working alongside the wonderful team at Limes, coming up with the perfect design for the space.

This free-flowing space is inclusive of a bespoke, enchanted tree house with aspects of physical play, sensory play, and role play.

A playground full of adventure!

As natural as can be, the treehouse is overlooked by lots of greenery, and set onto a bed of bark. Other natural elements include a fallen clamber tree, and that’s where physical activity comes into play!

To one side of the treehouse, there is a clamber net to allow access to the raised platform. This feature will enable children to build their body strength and gain independence as they climb up and down the ladder.

The other side is accompanied by a deck walk board/rope bridge, allowing access to the treehouse. This also leads to a raised platform, finished with a rustic fence and a tree in the middle. A fantastic spot for children to overlook the entire playground!

In other areas, you will find a fallen clamber tree; bringing children in close contact with nature as the clamber and crawl up the tree. Climbing trees is fantastic for building muscle strength, boosting confidence and stimulating senses.

You will also find timber post matrix; a great feature for den making and enhancing social engagement on the playground!


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To complete the design, we included beds of plants and log stools, to really generate a natural vibe.

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