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Outdoor Nature Play Area - St. Peter at Gowts C of E Primary School, Lincoln

Outdoor Nature Play Area

Outdoor Nature Play Area - St. Peter at Gowts, Lincoln

A partial playground renovation, adding particular Newby features to help bring it to life!

This natural playground design includes an array of spectacular features, designed to increase fine motor skills and more during early child development!

From water play to role play and messy play, this play scheme has got it all! Children can spend play time developing their physical ability by working their way to the top of the large climbing prism or crawling across the reclaimed clamber tree. Or if they prefer the messy side of play, they could make a mud pie using the messy corner kitchen. Now that is a fantastic way to encourage imaginative play!

Other aspects include a bespoke sandpit, a cobbled beach and water play chutes. The sandpit is a brilliant outdoor play resource to get stuck into messy/construction play. Messy play encourages children to learn about raw materials and the outdoor environment in an unrestricted and creative way. Water play is both fun and educational; helping children develop eye-hand coordination and math and science concepts.

Planters have been incorporated into this play scheme to create a natural environment for children. By having a planter, vegetable patch or growing bed in your outdoor play area. It will boost social engagement and team building relationships with friends!

In addition to all the above, a bespoke playhouse is another great aspect of the play operation. They offer a breakaway area for children to play, read and engage with each other. Something every young child should have in their school!

Cobbled Beach
Bespoke Sandpit
Reclaimed Clamber Tree
Large Climbing Prism
Bespoke Playhouse
Sand Play
Messy Corner Kitchen
Messy Corner Kitchen

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