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Natural Adventure Design - Haltwhistle Academy

Natural Adventure Design

Natural Adventure Design - Haltwhistle Academy

Haltwhistle is now the home of outdoor adventures!

A lot of heart and soul has been poured into this phenomenal, natural play scheme.

Counted into this design is an array of bespoke features and timber play resources, built to inspire more outdoor play.

Initially, this space started as a complete blank canvas. Unquestionably, it has been totally transformed to an incredible standard!

In every corner you turn to there is an abundance of fun to be had. From Giant Scales to Clamber Trees, Mud Sinks and Sandpit Boxes, even a Woodcutter’s Cottage! The resources listed are brilliant for boosting social interaction as they are all products that can be used by multiple children at once.

Artificial grass has been chosen in certain locations to accommodate all weather conditions and act as a durable, hard-wearing surface. Along with this, turf has been included in other areas for a further, natural atmosphere.

We are mindful that safeguarding takes priority when it comes to playground design, which is why bespoke fencing has been incorporated. Not only is our fencing safe but conjointly, it contributes as a natural and appealing surrounding.

Timber Play Resources
Timber Swing Seat
Reclaimed Clamber Tree
Bespoke Playhouse
Reclaimed Tree
Water Play
Water Play Stream
Bespoke Sandpit
Giant Wooden Scales
Bespoke Treehouse
Woodcutter's Cottage
Sand Play
Mud Kitchen
Three Tier Storage Unit
Bespoke Treehouse
Clamber Tree
Natural Playground
Rope Bridge
Wooden Planter
Water Play Stream
Timber Planter
Messy Play
Sand Play
Bespoke Treehouse
Timber Treehouse
Bespoke Timber Treehouse
Bespoke Timber Treehouse

The beauteous play stream is definitely a fundamental focal point of this design. There are two benefits to having a play stream; one being that it is favourable for attracting both messy and water play. If your wish is to jump into the water to form a tremendous splash, you absolutely can! Additionally, it can be seen as a place of tranquillity due to the satisfactory sound of the water flow – generating the perfect spot to relax and take a break!

The word, “enchanted” springs to mind with the bespoke treehouse, combined with a climbing ramp as an optional entry. Not forgetting to mention the glass windows, allowing the children to outlook the breath-taking scenery in the distance. There is no better setting to boost imaginative play than this!

Take a scroll through the pictures above by clicking the tabs and let us know your thoughts!

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