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Adventure Trail - Normanby-By-Spital Primary School

Adventure Trail - Normanby-By-Spital Primary School

Adventure Trail - Normanby-By-Spital Primary School

School Adventure Trail Installation! 

Children at Normanby-By-Spital Primary School are now the proud owners of a bespoke Newby Leisure adventure trail. 

Installed to help children at the school develop their physical abilities, this bespoke option runs down the newly laid artificial grass to offer extra climbing safety. 

Set beneath trees, the trail is also accompanied by a bespoke stage for role play (or to be used as an outdoor classroom) and lots of storage sheds to keep schools belongings safe. 

When designing the area, in true Newby Leisure fashion it was important for the design to flow and be completely accessible for children. 

What do we all think!? 

Role Play Stage for School
School Adventure Trail
School Storage
Trim Trail for Schools
Adventure Trails
School Storage Shed
Outdoor Classroom
Outdoor Reading Area
- Let's play!!
- Let's play!!

As you can see, the Adventure Trail has been a real success for the children! Let's just hope the teachers can get them back indoors! 

Take a scroll through the pictures above by clicking the tabs and let us know your thoughts!

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