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Outdoor Playground Design to Enhance Education - Intake Primary Academy, Doncaster

Intake Primary Academy is now the home of a fun and exciting playground design; completed in time for the children to return to school after the summer holidays!

Featuring physical aspects, nature, water, messy and constriction play, this outdoor play area contains hours of entertainment.

Offering the primary school children many educational benefits too; this playground is the ultimate way to learn through play.

Outdoor Play Zones

Around the playground, there are different zones to categorise types of play. These zones are sectioned using artificial grass.

Artificial grass is a hard-wearing and durable safety surface, so it is great for areas that will be used intensively.

These zones are situated underneath an existing shelter, allowing children to play with the timber play resources used in these spaces all year round.

Inclusive of messy, construction and imaginative play; the children will increase their cognitive thinking skills as they play!

Imaginative Role Play

Early years development will be in full swing after the summer holidays!

Role play is a fantastic way to motivate and engage students, as well as igniting their imagination.

Incorporated into this natural playground design is a bespoke, timber stage with a pergola roof. This stage will be great for children to perform with friends, generating social interaction skills.

Another feature to this outdoor learning environment is a Newby Leisure favourite, the woodcutters cottage!

This rustic, fairy-tale like playhouse can be utilised as a space to play with multiple children at once, or even as a reading hide for outdoor teaching.

Children love role play, and it often gives them abilities that will help them in everyday life, such as, teamwork and cooperation.

Boosting Physical Ability

Physical play is very important during early childhood, as we need to encourage children to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as having fun.

To inspire this, the staff at Intake decided to include a clamber stack to their outdoor space.

Set into artificial grass for a soft, cushioned fall, children will enjoy spending play time climbing this robust apparatus.

As they play, they will build their upper body strength and overall, improve physical development.

Engaging in Water Play

It isn’t a Newby playground design without a water play stream!

A beautiful water play stream takes the centre stage of the outdoor space; offering children the opportunity to engage in water play at break time.

Fine motor skills will be stronger than ever as the children pump water down the stream!

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