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Physical Play

Outdoor Playground Design - Long Bennington Academy, Newark

Long Bennington is now the home of physical and natural play. 

Children can enhance their physical ability whilst learning through play, outdoors with friends. Pupils have been given the opportunity to get stuck into construction play, sand play, messy play, imaginative play and every other kind of play there is. 

Spoilt for choice!

Storytelling Area

Complete in a bark setting with a seating area and coloured teepee, children can enjoy a quiet place to read and undertake role play activities. 

This raised reading area provides a breakout zone offering a separate place to socialise, aside from the playground. 

The coloured teepee includes large red, and blue lexan windows adding sensory values and fills the product with life as the sunlight shines through. 

These look fantastic in any outdoor learning space! 

Playground Surfacing and Paving

Newby Leisure prioritise the safety of children when designing outdoor areas which is why choosing the correct surfacing is essential. 

We use only the best quality materials for our surfacing, designed with longevity on mind; so, the children at Long Bennington can enjoy outdoor play for many years to come! In this scheme, we incorporated a selection of different surfacing to suit each type of play.

For example: artificial grass has been installed under the clamber stack as it is a soft and cushioned surface, ideal in case a child is to fall.

Construction Play

A great addition to this natural playground design is the construction play facilities. 

Construction play is brilliant for creating learning opportunities for all ages. 

They can explore their imagination by building and manipulating objects to create new structures. 

As well as being fun, it is also an educational genre of play that benefits a child by boosting their maths, science and language skills whilst playing. 

Wooden skip and blocks, builders’ yard and the construction pit are just a few of the timber play resources included to encourage construction play!

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