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Physical Play

Natural School Playground Design - St. Cuthbert's RC Primary School, Sunderland

Newby Leisure and the staff of St. Cuthbert’s RC Primary School co-designed this fun-packed natural playground, designed to educate, and inspire!

We have installed a collection of timber play resources, included to encourage learning through play.

Clamber Stack

Incorporated into this natural playground design is a Clamber Stack, designed to enhance physical fitness for early years development.

Set into wet pour, safety surfacing with ropes, ladders and climbing panels. We are certain that the kids at St. Cuthbert’s will love to race each other to the top!

Children love to clamber, climb, and crawl and this apparatus allows them to do just that.

Imaginative Play

The pupils at St. Cuthbert’s can let their imaginations run wild in their brand-new playground with Newby Leisure’s selection of freestanding resources.

Our Painting Window being one of them, which is ideal to stimulate imagination and creativity.

Children love to paint and create – this easy-clean take on a traditional painting easel will make outdoor art lessons so much fun!

Along with this comes a Freestanding Chalkboard and Weaving Panel, fantastic for the development of gross and fine motor skills.

These are both wonderful resources that can encourage children to enhance their numerical and literacy skills, whilst surrounded by nature in the playground.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass swoops most of this safe and educational play space.

There is no better surfacing to include in your playground, it looks real and natural, it cleans easy, it’s long lasting and a cushioned surface – what’s not to love?

It is great to include artificial grass in play areas that will be intensively used as it is durable and hard-wearing. Meaning that the kids at St. Cuthbert’s can play until their hearts content for years to come.

Construction Play

Construction play is another sector of this fabulous outdoor play scheme.

It is all about shaping, building, and manipulating objects to create new and exciting structures.

With the timber play resources included into this playground, the children will be masters of construction play in no time!

The resources being a Builders Yard, Skip and Blocks and a Block Cart and Blocks. With these robust products, teachers can take math lessons outside and use the blocks for numerical purposes.

As well as boosting numerical skills, they can also engage in numerous role play activities in the Builders Yard.

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