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Natural Rustic Playground Design for Early Years Education - Wygate Park Academy, Spalding

Exciting times ahead for the children at Wygate Park Academy.

Newby Leisure has recently designed and installed not one, but two brand-new outdoor play environments at this wonderful primary school.

With a couple of show stopping centre pieces, and multiple freestanding timber resources, there is plenty for the children to revel in at play time!

Working alongside the team at Wygate and Voyage Education, the main aim of the game was to encourage further outdoor learning. With that in mind, it was decided to install a spacious outdoor library in one area and another outdoor classroom in the other area.

Teachers now have the opportunity to take lesson time outside, and allow children to progress their reading skills!

Sensory Role Play

With elements of sensory play dotted around the playground, children can learn through exploration, curiosity, and creativity.

Working together, we decided to add a splash of colour to both parts of the playground; adding three coloured teepees in one area, and a coloured shelter in the other.

These are both fantastic for adding sensory values to the playground, as natural sunlight shines through the coloured lexan.

Not forgetting to mention the rustic mystical fence with coloured windows, used to break up the playground into two sections.

Great for boosting imagination and creative thoughts, this corner of the playground is perfect for storytelling and engaging in role play activities.

With a bespoke stage, inclusive of a chalkboard back and pergola roof, located next to the storytelling area; these primary school pupils can play make believe until their hearts content.

Rustic Treehouse and Timber Tower

Providing the children with non-stop fun, the Newby team designed a bespoke tower unit to encourage physical fitness whilst playing, as well as a bespoke and rustic treehouse, suitable to fit multiple kids at one time.

Cognitive flexibility, hand-eye coordination and physical fitness will improve significantly as teachers allow children to spend playtime making the most out of their magnificent timber, climbing tower.

Offering a breakaway zone for the early years children, this custom-made treehouse is the ideal space for little ones to relax, read and play.

Inclusive of decking, stairs and a pergola, this super-sized playhouse will boost physical fitness too. The educational benefits are endless.

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With the children’s safety a priority, different options for safety surfacing and bespoke picket fencing has been installed; artificial grass being one.

There is not much that this natural playground design doesn’t include. Ranging from multiple freestanding resources, outdoor libraries and classrooms, water play streams, shelters, and magical tower units. It really is a magnificent space for children to learn and play.

Storytelling, roleplay, messy play, water play and physical education; these kids have many years of outdoor fun ahead of them!

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