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Natural Playground Transformation - The Parks Academy, Hull

To kick-start 2023, Newby Leisure has completed not 1 but 2 areas at The Parks Academy.

Working alongside the wonderful team at The Parks, our site team have completely transformed their playgrounds.

One area being filled with timber play resources and lots of facilities to encourage outdoor play; the other area focused on a complete re-surface, ready for the nursery.

Main Playground

Packed with adventure and education! The main, early years playground consists of multiple freestanding resources to keep children entertained all year. It is the perfect natural playground design to enhance learning through play.

Featuring a climbing structure, of suitable sizing for the majority of primary school children at The Parks. This robust design is fantastic for boosting physical ability and would be great to incorporate into P.E. lessons.

Nursery Garden

For the nursery, we created a pathway using newpour, with a red fleck; followed by block paving used as the edging. We then used a contrasting earth-mix coloured wet pour surfacing, and artificial grass on the outside of the pathway.

This space has gone from a completely blank canvas, previously laid with only concrete; to a fantastic new garden ready for the nursery children to play.

Adventurous Play Space

Adventure waits for the children, thanks to their new rustic play corner.

Set with a bark surfacing to generate a natural look and feel, this is the perfect place to escape with your imagination.

Inclusive of a Newby favourite, Woodcutters Cottage, children can enjoy engaging in role play activities or using the cottage as a quite breakaway zone to read a book.

 With the Woodcutters Cottage being displayed on a raised, anti-slip decking, the rustic play area is suitable for all weather conditions.

Side by side with the barked area is a water play stream, set into block paving. Being a long-lasting feature to the playground, allowing the children to engage in water play until their hearts content.

Our play streams are built and designed with longevity in mind, making them ideal for frequent play!

Timber Play Resources

Whilst designing this playground renovation, it was decided to include a variety of Newby Leisure’s freestanding, timber play resources. Meaning that teachers can easily move these around the playground whenever it suits them.

The range of resources include elements of messy play, water play, construction play, and we also added storage units to help the children maintain a tidy playground.

Not forgetting to mention the storytelling corner, ideal for multiple children to get creative and build on their teamwork skills whilst doing so. This corner features a low deck stage, wall mounted mirror and chalkboard and toddler timber stools. A great spot to improve social interaction whilst letting their imaginations run wild!

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There is not much that this adventurous playground doesn’t have!

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