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Natural Playground Transformation - Merstham Primary School, London

What a transformation! The Newby Leisure site team have spent the summer transforming what used to be a complete blank canvas, into the playground of dreams!

Counted into this design is an array of bespoke features and timber play resources, built to inspire more outdoor play for the children, upon their return to school.

With resources everywhere you turn, the children can let their imaginations run wild at play time!

Rustic Sand Play Unit

A main characteristic to this outdoor playground design, is the rustic sand play unit. This is inclusive of a pull chain, a ramp, a pergola style roof, and storage shelves.

An exciting way to encourage early years development, this robust feature has many educational benefits.

Sand play is great for EYFS as it promotes physical development of small muscles and helps the progress of fine and gross motor skills. Not only this, but sand play is a fantastic way of improving hand-eye coordination and concentration abilities.

Surrounding the resource is a large sand pit, ready for the child to sift, scoop and pour as they play. They can pull the chain and fill the bowl with sand to test weights and measures!

Playground Safety Surfacing

Artificial grass sweeps the majority of the surface area, generating a natural look and feel to the space.

The teachers of Merstham decided that artificial grass would be a great solution as it is durable, soft/cushioned, easy to maintain and perfect for outdoor play all year round!

Block paving has been used in other sections, where water play is involved, and also new pour surfacing to create a roadway for trikes and buggies.

Creative Role Play

Role play is a brilliant way to boost confidence and social interaction at play time, as well as bettering communication and language skills.

A further detail of this playground construction is the timber stage, presenting two large chalkboards as the backdrop. Children can gather in groups of friends as they act out plays, created by their very own imagination; as well as practicing their mark making masterpieces.

Now drawing attention to the reading corner, yet another space for the children to let their imaginations take them to another world.

This sector contains an outdoor classroom, a reading store for all of the children’s favourite books, and some timber stools; finished with artificial grass surfacing.

Not only will this space be great for children to read and relax at break times, but teachers can also utilise this spot in lesson times. A captivating area for outdoor learning!

Physical Play Fun!

There are many physical structures included in this educational environment, such as Newby Leisure’s large adventure unit.

This enables the little ones to clamber, crawl and climb as well as mark make using the white board and chalkboard provided on the resource.

Also aiding a healthy and active lifestyle are multiple other physical play resources, that can be used at play time or in P.E. lessons.

Physical education has never been so fun!

Nash Shelter & More Images Below!

Last but not least, another great aspect of this natural outdoor learning space is the bespoke shelter.

This is fantastic for children to play outdoors all year round, regardless of the weather conditions.

The children will remain protected from harmful UV rays and rain thanks to the polycarbonate roof paired with the shelter.

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