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Natural Playground Transformation - Laceby Acres Primary School, Grimsby

Throughout the October half-term, Newby Leisure spent time at a local primary school to totally transform their outdoor, educational environment.

Beginning with a completely blank canvas, there was a lot of empty space to work with.

Working alongside the wonderful staff at Laceby Acres, together, we designed and created the playground of dreams; to incorporate all elements of play and learning in one large, free-flowing zone!

The children will be in for a big surprise upon their return from the school holidays!

Safety Surfacing for Schools

Sectioned off using different safety surfacing options, this playground design is complete with artificial grass, block paving and new pour surfacing. All of which are fantastic for areas that are intensively used, due to being hard-wearing and durable surface options.

The flooring has been utilised depending upon which resources are in that specific area. For example, artificial grass has been laid underneath the fallen clamber tree, generating a soft and cushioned fall. Also, it is great for all weather conditions!

Whereas block paving has been used to surround the water play stream, as it is a more suitable surface for water play.

Fallen Clamber Tree for Physical Play

Featured in this magnificent playground design is a Newby Leisure favourite, a fallen clamber tree.

One of the best ways to motivate physical fitness is to allow a child to climb a tree; it is the future of physical play!

This exciting structures enables the children of Laceby Acres to test their climbing abilities and upper body strength as they clamber their way across the tree.

Teachers can incorporate the natural clamber tree into their P.E. curriculum to make lessons that little bit more exciting. Combining physical play with nature; it doesn’t get much better than this!

Being in close contact with nature in a learning environment allows children to appreciate their natural surroundings whilst stimulating their senses.

Water Play Stream

By adding water play streams to outdoor areas, it nurtures social interaction and group activities; whilst generating an attractive feature and a tranquil place to play.

Children can improve their gross and fine motor skills as they use the pump to watch the water flow down the stream.

Newby Leisure’s water play streams are fun and multi-functional. Teachers can take lesson time outdoors and incorporate the stream, whether it is P.E., mathematics, or science. Perhaps you can create paper boats and race them along the stream whilst testing the fluidity speed?

A fantastic element to encourage more water play at break times.

Hand-crafted Timber Play Resources

From creative, imaginative play, to messy play and construction play; the teachers of Laceby Acres wanted to include as many elements of play as possible into this scheme.

Featuring some of our best-selling resources such as our Woodcutters Cottage, Toddler Dress Up Mirror and Builders Yard, there is so much outdoor learning and fun to be had in this adventurous play space.

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Take a scroll through the pictures below by clicking the tabs and feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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