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Natural Playground Renovation - The Green Way Academy, Hull

The all-new, natural playground renovation features a never-ending fun space for the children of The Green Way Academy to play. 

Inclusive of messy, construction, natural, imaginative, creative and role play, the teachers at this East Yorkshire school can take school lessons outdoors, all year round and watch as the children learn through play.

Messy, Nature Play Station

Here at Newby Leisure, we understand the importance of Messy Play amongst early years - it's great for all-round development! Messy play encourages children to learn about raw materials and the outdoor environment in an unrestricted and creative way.

When co-designing this natural play scheme, messy play and nature play was taken into consideration. To produce the perfect natural, messy play station, incorporated into the scheme is a timber potting bench, mud kitchen and numerous planters.

Adding plantation to any school or nursery learning surrounding is always a good way to build a sense of community and encourage little ones to appreciate nature. Planters are also a good way for the pupils of Green Way to build their social interaction skills as they boost engagement and team building with friends.

Newby Leisure’s wooden, outdoor mud kitchen is an incredible, timber play resource for EYFS development. They are suitable for all weather conditions and brilliant for supporting messy play activities. Teachers can utilise the mud kitchen in lesson times as children love to mix and make potions and mud pies!

Designed with education in mind, this resource will benefit a variety of learning ambitions. As does the potting bench which also features in this barked section of the playing field. The removable bowls are easy wipe, meaning they can be used over and over again whilst undertaking messy, water play activities.

Explorer Tower

This exciting focal feature can take any playground and turn it into every kids dream! Made up of a bridge, steps, ramp and net, the children of The Green Way Academy will spend hours playing on this fantastic apparatus. Designed with early years development in mind, children will enhance a number of skills as they play on the explorer tower.

Cognitive flexibility, hand-eye coordination and physical fitness will improve significantly as teachers allow children to spend playtime making the most out of their magnificent timber, climbing tower.

Children can climb up the ramp and crawl along the cargo net, developing upper body and arm strength. Not only that, but this immense tower is also a great spot for kids to get stuck into role play activities. Being at the top of the tower will encourage them to use their imagination to the best of their ability, improving creative thinking.

Water Play Zone

Featured in this Newby Leisure manufactured play space is a water play zone, inclusive of a stream, water wall and water play chutes. These timber play resources are brilliant for early years enhancement and look great in any primary or nursery environment.

The teachers of Green Way wanted to include a water play stream in the play area, to offer the children a variety of play. Newby Leisure’s bespoke, water streams present a tranquil and calm space for children to read and relax and can also attract them to water play activities.

As well as being extremely beneficial for early years education, they are also an attractive option and look great in any play area.

Safety Surfacing

Incorporated into this natural EYFS playground design, is a selection of surfacing options, ensuring safety and protection for the pupils of Green Way. When co-designing this play scheme, the teachers wanted to achieve a natural feel to the outdoor play space, but also provide safe options for the children.

For the most part of the area is artificial grass, generating a natural look and feel to the area. But also providing a low-maintenance, mud free, hard-wearing ground for children to play as much as they like. Artificial grass is a great option for any early learning environment as it grants a softer feel in case of a fall. As well as this, it is durable, making it the perfect solution for any area that is intensively used.

Tarmac has been used in other parts of the playground, creating a smooth surface for children to be able to ride a bike! A trike and buggy store is placed in this play zone, the ideal storage solution for playground vehicles.

In other area, teachers opted for block paving. An attractive and colourful option that will brighten up any space!

Fallen Reclaimed Clamber Tree

The future of physical play! Increasing physical ability whilst being surrounded by nature is a great way for children to learn through play. 

Climbing trees creates challenges for children as they themselves to climb to the highest point and feel a sense of accomplishment once they do so.

Our natural clamber trees allow children to complete a full-body workout without even realising. The cargo net attached to the tree grants the children with the opportunity to either use the net, or the branches. The physical benefits are never ending!

Outdoor Classroom for Schools

Suitable for outdoor lessons, regardless of the season!

Newby Leisure’s outdoor classroom with heavy-duty PVC covers can allow teachers to integrate outdoor class time to the school curriculum. Providing children with a cooler space to learn outside during the summer months.

Inclusive of indoor seating and PVC windows, this outdoor classroom is situated directly opposite the water play zone. Creating a beautiful view for the children as they enjoy lesson time outdoors.

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