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Natural Playground Design - The Priory Witham Academy

Newby Leisure has installed a spectacular natural play area which includes a Woodcutters Cottage, Stone Front Cave with water feature, Bridge, Pool, Play Construction area, Digging area, and full landscaping including planting.

The Stone front cave has a beautiful waterfall, flowing over into a large pool with a lastane bridge. 

Alongside this is a smaller feed pool that has a pump and filtration system.

Woodcutters Cottage

The bespoke Robinia Woodcutters cottage is on raised stilts and lastane anti-slip decking, with an adjoining construction area, play storage unit, and paving.

We have included many of our outdoor wooden play resources, along with a digging box, and all the paths are regular block paved with tree log edgings.

The whole area has been landscaped with mature planting, meadow mat, and certified tree bark.

The finished area is stunning and will provide many hours of education, fun, and play!

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