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Natural Playground Design for Outdoor Education - Shaftoe Trust Academy, Northumberland

This playground has nature written all over it!

After spending a fortnight on site at this wonderful, Northern school; the Newby site team succeeded in giving their outdoor play area a complete GLOW UP!

With aspects of adventure, ensuring that the children have fun whilst they learn through play; this marvellous space has multiple educational benefits.

We are certain that the children will be unable to contain their excitement during the summer holidays…

Fallen Clamber Tree for Physical Development

Taking centre stage of the playground is the future of physical play, a fallen clamber tree.

Children will enjoy developing their muscles and body strength as they clamber around the tree. It’s like a full body workout!

A great way of combining nature with physical play, the primary school children will learn to appreciate their natural surroundings more whilst stimulating their senses as they play.

With a netted rope to pull their way up to the top, this provides the opportunity for the children to undertake risk and challenge play as they aim to reach goals and targets as they climb.

Sensory Play

A show stopping stream has been incorporated to get the children exploring a variety of textures.

With a pump to start the water flow and improve a child’s fine motor skills, and a sandy, cobble beach at the opposite end.

Teachers can allow the kids to get messy as they build, sift, mold, and scoop the sand to suit their imaginative needs.

As they splash and play in the water stream, it promotes exploration, critical thinking, and creativity!

Along with this, children are also improving their concentration and hand-eye coordination skills as they engage in sand play.

Accompanied by Newby Leisure’s best-selling, Water Play Chutes, children can watch the different levels of fluidity as the water trickles down the chutes. Brilliant for use in an outdoor science lesson!

Safety Surfacing for Schools

With a path of interest flowing through the entirety of the grounds, this has been incorporated to allow the little ones to explore different textures.

Made up of block paving and different coloured, wet pour surfacing; not only does this have educational benefits, but it is pleasing to the eye.

When co-designing this natural playground alongside the lovely staff at Shaftoe, it was paramount that we keep this space as natural as possible.

To do this, we kept as much of the existing grass as possible and added even more in other areas.

Sparking Imagination with Role Play

To get the kids imaginations flowing, it was decided to include a timber stage with a pergola roof to encourage more outdoor, role play.

When engaging in role-play activities, early years children will naturally build their problem-solving and communication skills as they face potential situations that may occur as they pretend to play their favourite character!

Fantasy is a huge element of role play, and it is a brilliant way to boost social engagement on the playground.

With timber stools situated in front of the stage, there is plenty of space for a live audience as other children take the stage and perform!


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Multiple timber play resources have been incorporated into this scheme, to allow the little ones to undertake activities in whichever type of play they choose.

With a wide variety, the children of Shaftoe will never get bored.

Protecting this space features a nash shelter, meaning that the children can play freely all year round whilst being protected from harmful, UV rays and rain.

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