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Natural Outdoor Learning Environment - Whaplode CE Primary School, Spalding

Adventurous and imaginative, this brand-new playground renovation has the ability to keep primary school children entertained all-year round.

This amazing new outdoor learning space has been designed to help boost children's learning and physical abilities in a safe and secure environment.

Together, Whaplode and Newby Leisure have created a play area that incorporates role play, construction play, water play and more!

Nature Corner

Every school needs a nature corner!

Surrounded by natural elements, this corner includes timber planters for children to plant, pot, and dig, developing their fine motor skills whilst doing so.

On a bed of bark, Newby Leisure’s mud kitchen and nature table are the focal feature of this nature corner.

Small groups of children can gather around these resources, enhancing their social skills as they potion make and mud pie bake, together.

Children can use the mounted chalkboard to write down their very own mud pie recipe, boosting literacy and hand-writing abilities. Learning through play has never looked so good!

Lastly, it was also decided to include a double storage unit, encouraging children to pack away their play props when finished.

A tidy playground is a happy playground!

Physical Play

There are many resources that allow children to boost their physical ability in this educational play space.

The main resource being the double-sided climbing prism, featuring a rope one side and hand grips the other.

This large, robust resource helps a child aid balance and overall co-ordination, whilst developing their strength and increasing health.

Endless hours of fun are to be had for early years children on this challenging climbing apparatus.

Imaginative Role Play

Nothing gets a child’s imagination going quite like outdoor, role play.

To boost creative thinking, the children of Whaplode can spend their play time engaging in role play activities, inside and around the woodcutter’s cottage, developing a sense of independence.

The ideal resource for den making, book reading and playing make believe, this playhouse is suitable for multiple children to play inside at a time.

Alongside the woodcutter’s cottage is a coloured teepee, great for adding sensory value to any educational environment.

The coloured lexan windows in blue and red look fantastic when natural sunlight shines through, reflecting onto the pavement.

Teachers can allow children to utilise the coloured teepee as a cosy spot to read a book with friends!

Water Play

A beautiful feature, designed with longevity in mind, the school kids can splash and play until their heart is content with their water stream and cobble beach.

Complete with a bespoke, timber bridge, running over the stream, children can watch the water trickle down the stream from a higher viewpoint, creating further challenges.

As well as looking great, this feature offers many educational benefits.

Including the enhancement of fine motor skills as water is pumped along the stream and growing muscle strength as they clamber up and down the bridge.

Another brilliant addition to the water play are includes the water play chutes. Children can mix and match the arrangement of the chutes to experiment with different levels of fluidity and speed.

Teachers will love using these in outdoor maths and science lessons!

Construction Play Zone

A large, coloured shelter with a deck base, including construction play resources underneath. This playground really does have it all!

Adding timber play resources underneath a coloured shelter is a great way to inspire imaginative and creative thinking whilst playing. Also, it makes it the perfect space for outdoor learning, all-year round.

Construction play is a fantastic way for little ones to make sense of the world and enhance problem solving and social skills.

Multiple children can gather around the sandpit at once, boosting large muscle growth as they sift, dig, and pour the sand.

Using the skip and blocks, also situated underneath the coloured shelter, kids can use wooden blocks of various shapes and sizes to express creativity.

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