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Physical Play

Natural Outdoor Environment - Marton-cum-Grafton, York

It’s all about physical play for Marton-cum-Grafton!

From clamber stacks, to fallen clamber trees – children can clamber and crawl until their hearts content.

This natural outdoor learning space has been designed to help boost children's learning and physical abilities in a safe and secure environment.

Ensuring the children had a natural surrounding whilst playing was also a key factor, along with encouraging learning through play.

With a variety of play for every child to enjoy, this wonderful playground will stand the test of time, allowing many years of play to come!

Clamber Stack & Fallen Tree

Set into a safety surface, our clamber stacks include ropes, ladders and climbing panels to demonstrate different types of physical activity.

The pupils of Marton-cum-Grafton will increase their upper body strength and physical development when they climb each area of this apparatus.

Not forgetting to mention the fallen clamber tree, taking centre stage of the outdoor play area for children to crawl upon.

These exciting wooden natural play climbing frames are the way of future in climbing play.

Natural Environment

Keeping the playground natural was important to the staff of this Yorkshire school.

To create a natural feel, bark and turf was incorporated in different sectors of the area. Having the correct surfacing for your playground is really important for child safety!

As well as this, we decided to include planters to boost a sense of community for the school.

There are many great benefits of planters or nature areas as they stimulate a child's imagination and develop their enthusiasm for the outdoors.

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