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Physical Play

Natural Outdoor Design - Acres Hill Community Primary School, Sheffield

The pupils of Acres Hill have been provided with a whole new variety of play. 

They can boost their physical ability as they climb to the top of their climbing prism and enhance their gross and fine motor skills as they get stuck into some water play. 

Learning through play is definitely the new way of learning in this natural playground design!

Natural Play Tunnel & Planters

A fabulous addition to any natural playground setting! 

Children from any age group will love climbing, hiding, and crawling inside their brand-new enticing tunnel. As well as being a great play resource for the children, it is also an attractive element to the area and creates a natural feel and environment. 

Planters are a brilliant contribution to the new Acres Hill play area. 

By having a planter, growing bed or vegetable patch in your outdoor area at school, social engagement and team building relationships with friends will increase.

Outdoor Storage for Schools

You can never have enough storage in an outdoor, school play area! 

A selection of storage units and sheds have been incorporated into this scheme to help the children maintain a tidy playground! 

Complete with a PVC cover, the storage units will keep all your play equipment clean and dry. 

The units are made deep enough to store gardening items, play and sports products and other small everyday education resources.

Physical Play

The teachers of Acres Hill requested a play area that encouraged more physical play for their pupils. 

A large climbing was added to do just that! The ideal resource, designed and developed for physical development in early years children, helping to strengthen important muscle groups. 

There are hours of endless fun to be had on this robust climbing apparatus!

Water Play

Both enjoyable and educational, water play is fantastic for enhancing social skills and encouraging social cooperation. 

Helping children develop eye-hand coordination and math and science concepts, Newby Leisure offer a wide range of water play features for schools and nurseries. 

Added to this scheme is a Mini Water Fun Unit, ideal for imaginative play as kids can fill the tray with water to utilise playtime fun! Also, a H-Shaped Water Wall, designed for children to develop their sensory and water play experiences, the easy to move resources is ideal for early years learning. 

The Kids of Acres Hill can spend hours occupied by water play!

Timber Play Resources

Along with water play and physical play, this natural playground offers children the opportunity to be messy and creative using a selection of timber play resources. 

School kids can make mud pies and magic potions whilst developing numerical and social skills around their new mud kitchen. 

An excellent resource, designed to benefit a variety of learning ambitions. 

A sandpit was added to help the little ones learn values of textures, weights and measures and they build, dig, and sieve the sand!

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