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Imaginative Playground Development for Primary Education - New Park Academy, Harrogate

Physical, fun, imaginative, and creative play – New Park Academy has got it all!

Together, Newby Leisure and the wonderful staff of New Park, designed a dream outdoor play area which will keep the children entertained for hours.

Inclusive of a variety of timber play resources, teachers can now integrate outdoor lessons into their weekly curriculum and boost learning through play!

Imaginative Mark Making Station

A rustic adaptation of Newby Leisure’s Mark Making Hut has been added to inspire imaginative, creative play.

The children of New Park Academy can utilise this hut however they wish. Whether that may be to doodle and draw, work on their literacy skills or simply play board games! 

Teachers can take English lessons outdoors as they allow the little ones to work on their spelling and mark making abilities. 

Consisting of indoor bench seating, suitable to seat 6-8 children inside the hut, as well as four timber stools outside. Plenty of seats to take early years education outside!

Placed onto to artificial grass with bespoke, timber fencing to surround, this area is suitable for children to engage in role play activities all-year round.

Clamber Stack for Physical Enhancement

Set into artificial grass with a blue, wet pour roadway to surround, this clamber stack will keep the little ones active on the playground.

Building on upper-body muscle strength, the children will develop their physical ability as they clamber and climb around this robust apparatus.

Installed to increase outdoor provision, the clamber stack can be incorporated into the P.E. lesson curriculum.

Situated in the same surface is a timer tunnel, covered in artificial grass to generate a natural look and feel to the area.

Children will enhance their gross motor skills and improve concentration levels as they crawl through the tunnel.

Timber Play Resources

The key focus when designing this natural playground was to ensure that a variety of play resources were included to cover all genres of play.

From water play to role play, construction play, storage, and seating. There is not much that this playground does not feature.

Encouraging the children to build on their social interaction skills, they can gather into teams as they learn through play.

As for storage, you can never have enough on the playground! Teachers can encourage children to tidy up after play time, ensuring a clean and organised play space.

Underneath the shelter, which was there prior to the development, is an artificial grassed area including a number of outdoor resources.

One of those being a bespoke timber stage. Appropriate for children to engage in role play activities and let their imaginations run wild as they act out scene from their favourite play or movies!

Outdoor play is looking better than ever for this Harrogate school!

Water Play Zone

Great for increasing gross and fine motor skills, there is much fun to be had in the water play zone.

Fantastic for cognitive development, Newby Leisure’s cobble beaches are designed with longevity in mind, meaning the children of New Park have many years of play ahead!

There is much to be said about this brilliant playground development…

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