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Creative Primary School Playground Design - Macaulay Primary Academy, Grimsby

Newby Leisure has recently had the pleasure of completely re-designing the outdoor play space of a local, Grimsby school.

Ranging from physical play to creative and imaginative play; the children of Macaulay Primary Academy will never get bored of this bright and colourful space to play.

With a variety of timber play resources, everywhere you turn, teachers can now incorporate these into the school curriculum and allow the little ones to learn through play.

This exciting playground design has absolutely everything a child could dream of!

Playground Safety Surfacing for Schools

Sectioned beautifully using different surfacing options, children will now be able to recognize each area by category thanks to the surfacing.

With a path of interest dividing each play space, this textured pathway is made up of wet pour surfacing, new pour, artificial grass, and block paving.

As well as being an attractive feature, this pathway also has sensory purposes, allowing children to explore different textures.

Artificial grass sweeps over the majority of the playground, making those areas suitable for outdoor play all year round. Whereas some areas have real grass, adding to the natural element.

School Paving

Physical Play

Centralising the playground is a climbing prism, fantastic for encouraging physical play.

Children can enjoy using the red grips to clamber their way to the top of the prism, using the ropes on the other side to get back down.

This robust resource is brilliant for developing physical ability and increasing upper body and muscle strength.

Surrounding the resource lays a bed of artificial grass, generating a cushioned fall for the children.

Newby Leisure’s climbing prism can now be used in P.E. lessons at Macaulay!

Climbing Prism

Water Play for Early Years Development

Every school needs a water play area outside, especially in the summer!

Included in this water play corner is Newby Leisure’s best-selling, H Shaped Water Wall and set of Water Play Chutes; both great for boosting social engagement.

Kids can gather round these resources at break time and watch the different levels of fluidity as the water trickles down. What a fantastic way to learn through play!

Covering the water corner is a NASH shelter, protecting the children from harmful UV rays and rainfall.

With blocked paving as the chosen surface option here, children can splash and play as much as the please without getting muddy!

Outdoor Timber Play Resources

Endless opportunities of fun await the children at Macaulay thanks to the variation of outdoor play resources inserted into this setting.

Ranging from role play, construction play and messy play; there is nothing this playground doesn’t have.

There is also a bespoke timber archway, acting as an entrance to a storytelling area, with plenty of seating to seat multiple children. Kids can sit back and read a book or simply relax with friends during play time.

Close by to this section, is a role play area with a pergola roof stage and seating. Allowing the little ones to engage in role play activities with friends, boosting their social interaction skills!

Other elements include outdoor storage units, encouraging children to maintain a tidy and organised playground after each break!

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