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Creative Play Area - Great Coates Village Nursery

Great Coates Village Nursery has a playground full of fun for their early years. 

The project offered a natural design to give this schools outdoor area a complete lift - whilst being super easy to maintain.

There is a variety of play options available in this playscheme, ranging from water play to sand play. 

Newby Leisure have installed Clamber stacks and a Climbing Prism for all those children who love to climb. 

Climbing is great for early years physical development. Naturally, they will develop key muscle groups - helping them to go up fit and strong! 

For those who want a quieter activity, there is outdoor seating, for them to sit and read their favourite book.

Alternatively, they can get messy planting flowers and herbs in our natural planters.

New Life!

Great Coates Village Nursery now has a playground that will breathe new life into outdoor education for the school and help young minds develop whilst playing.

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Take a scroll through the pictures below by clicking the tabs and feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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