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11/08/21 Blog

The Importance of Outdoor Play During Summer 2021

Outdoor Play

Now that summer is finally here, we recommend that youngsters consume the great outdoors until their heart’s content. 

Children have been hit pretty hard throughout the pandemic, due to prolonged periods of being cemented indoors and being unable to see friends as often. A lot has been sacrificed and their everyday routines have tediously changed and as a result of this, both their mental and physical health has been badly impacted.

To bring back a natural spark to the world, we must encourage outdoor play in summer 2021. It is a necessity to give children back the opportunity to play freely outside with friends again. Undeniably, it’s the sunnier days, warmer weather, and early buds which add an extra spring to our step. So, after what seems like a lifetime of social distancing, there is a further incentive to get outside and enjoy the fresh air again. In addition to nourishing recovery from the previous year, it will also contribute to a happier and healthier lifestyle in the longer term. Play is compulsory for creating fun, building life-long bonds and friendships, and developing a sense of independence.

Not to mention the impact it has on physical fitness!

Keeping physically active through playing outside is magnificent when it comes to reducing the risk of illness’ and improving vision. Among other things, it provides children with a great boost of Vitamin D, helping the development of stronger bones. Along with physical benefits, playing in an out-of-doors environment is gainful when it comes to mental health. Spending more time out in the wilderness is exceptional for increasing a child’s attention span and intellectual development, which is most definitely required in the classroom! Alternative assets include the reduction of stress levels, ADHD symptoms, anxiety, and depression.

Everyone must do their bit to fill this summer with endless outdoor opportunities. But how can we achieve this? Newby Leisure is here to help! First and foremost, try inspiring your kids to rediscover outdoor play with simple, but productive activities. Or why not attempt to challenge them with outdoor toys? This is a brilliant way to establish fresh skills and increase interactivity within play. The best factor of play is that it costs absolutely nothing to construct; the requirements consist of only time, space, and opportunity. Your kids will take it into their own hands from here!

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If your children are struggling to find the motivation to get outside, you may have to give them an effective nudge of encouragement. 

Use your creative side to come up with some super fun ideas that are suitable for the garden. Such as: filling a toy bin with water and toys, using some child-friendly squirt guns, or setting up a scavenger hunt!  If that doesn’t help, try giving them the go-ahead to get stuck into some messy play; kids love mess! Nothing beats the sensation of freshly cut grass on your bare feet or creating potions by hand with mud and water. Although the thought of your children being covered in dirt might scare you, try to override that by remembering the many benefits of messy play. It is fabulous for developing fine motor skills and nurturing awareness and understanding of their surroundings. The mud will wash away we promise!

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