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19/05/20 Blog

Five Fantastic Home School Activities for Early Years! 

Early Years Outdoor Home School Activities

Five Fantastic Home School Activities for Early Years! 

Outdoor play is super fun and educational! It's also great for home school activities! 

Here at Newby Leisure we design, build, manufacture and supply outdoor educational resources that aid early year development - both physically and mentally.

Here are our top 5 products for homeschooling activities: 

Learn about your natural environment with Newby Leisures Mini Bug Hotel

There are many ways to keep your children entertained and interested in the outdoors. Newby Leisure’s Mini Bug Hotel encourages early years to engage with their natural environment. They will begin to understand basic life cycles and the names of a variety of insects. So check-in to the Bug Hotel! Fill the front compartment with soil to grow plants and watch the bugs arrive. 

Mini bug hotel

Endless Construction play opportunities with our Block Cart & Blocks

Ideal for numerical and construction play, Newby Leisure Block Cart and Blocks are designed to keep children engaged for hours. This resource allows children to design, construction and knock down their very own creations. Complete with hand-sawn blocks, The Block Cart and Blocks are designed to aid numerical learning and social engagement. Built on movable castors this fantastic resource can be moved around your garden and home. 

Block cart and blocks

The Children’s Petrol Pump is a water play must have!

Who doesn’t like water play! This beautifully designed wooden Petrol Pump will be a great addition to your garden - encouraging your little one to be active outdoors. Water play allows children to feel free running as they run around the garden wetting each other. Newby Leisures Petrol Pump promotes wellbeing as well as stimulating physical play. Children can use the pump at the back of the product to flush water out of the tube at the end. This educational resource has been designed to develop to aid personal, social and communication skills, especially during group play. 

Childrens water pump

Fly away with our Jumbo Wooden Aeroplane 

Jump aboard Newby Leisures Jumbo Wooden Aeroplane and fly to your favourite destination! This educational resource is perfect for role-playing. Children will naturally build communication and language skills as they play. The Wooden Aeroplane is built in-house and made from FSC Pressure Treated Redwood Timber. Children can sit inside, create imaginative play scenarios and enjoy developing their love for the outdoors in and around the plane - that is absolutely built to last. 

Wooden Jumbo Aeroplane

Messy play madness with our Mud Kitchen 

Why not make the most of this warm weather with Newby Leisures Mud Kitchen. This Mud Kitchen is the ultimate sensory and messy play resource. Your little ones will be entertained for hours creating magical mud potions and scrumptious mud pies. This educational unit is built to benefit a variety of learning ambitions and enhance social skills. As they play they will naturally encounter numerical play which will help them to enhance their problem solving and logical thinking. Mud Kitchens encourage children to delve deep into their imagination, creating lots of other make-believe play ideas. All Newby Leisure products are made in-house from FSC Pressure Treated Redwood Timber which is robust and guaranteed to last. 

Mud Kitchen

Stay safe and let us know what your favourite outdoor activity is during lockdown!?

Thanks for reading!

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