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02/04/20 Blog

10 Easter Activities for Early Years - Get your precious ones in the garden!

Early Years Easter Activities

If your running out of ideas for the kids this Easter - Why not make the most of your quality time together in the great outdoors!

Newby Leisure design, supply, manufacture and install natural playgrounds that aid outdoor education - recognising that outdoor play is not only fun and healthy but educational too. All you need is a sense of adventure, wellies and a warm coat. Below is a list of fun ideas, perfect for early years - get your precious ones in the garden this easter. 

Egg and Spoon Race 

Looking to get your kids active - look no further! Egg and Spoon races are fantastic and encourage healthy competition. For each competition, all you need is a box of eggs and a spoon.  The aim of the game is to be the first to cross the line with the egg still balanced on the spoon. Egg and spoon races are great for early years to build skills in balance and coordination.

Camping in the garden 

Easter is the perfect time to get outside with your little ones and sleep under the stars in your back garden. They will learn about their outdoor environment, experience different temperatures  - thus hardening them up to the elements. Why not make sleeping outside more enticing by building a small fire and toasting marshmallows over a warming flame (of course with your supervision). Camping in the garden is soo much fun but if the weather takes a bad turn, you can always relocate to the living room. 

Pin the tail on the bunny 

It’s time to get creative with this easter activity. All you need is a blindfold, one sheet of A3 paper, colouring pencils, a pin and a pompom. Your little one will love creating their very own Easter bunny. Once completed, hang up the A3 sheet of paper with the bunny on. Sit back and watch them have fun pinning the tail on the bunny blindfolded. Make sure the winner receives a special Easter prize! This activity stimulates both the creative and logical side of the brain - fantastic for early years development. 

Easter Egg Rolling  

Fancy a traditionally easter game? Why not hold an Easter Egg Roll race down a slope in your garden and see who wins! This game requires hard-boiled decorated eggs. So grab some paints and get creative with your kiddies. They will love the freedom of creating their very own designs - let their imaginations go wild and watch them have fun racing their eggs. 

Easter Egg Hunt 

An absolute Easter classic and one that never fails to disappoint! Start by hiding some eggs around the garden (or indoors if you prefer). Then hold a competition to see who can find the most eggs. The egg hunt can be more challenging by hiding different sized eggs or by adding little clues around the garden.

Leaf Threading 

Keep your little ones entertained this Easter with this easy leaf threading activity. This activity is a great way for them to develop motor skills and confidence in their creative abilities. Your little ones will be proud of their creations. They can make a beautiful leaf necklace, bracelets or hanging leaf vines. 

Bunny Bowling 

Create your own Bunny Bowling Alley by making some DIY pins from scrap wood. Your little ones can get creative by painting easter designs on them. Bowling is great fun and aids fine and gross motor skills and physical development in early years.

Bonnet Making 

An Easter Bonnet can make everyone smile! Why not make a fluffy bunny bonnet with your precious one. All you need is an old hat, cotton wool balls, coloured card, pipe cleaners and a glue stick. You can choose from many designs such as a carrot top hat or a hatching chick bonnet. This creative activity offers hours of fun and can be enjoyed outside or indoors. 

Bunny Hop ABC Game 

Perfect for all those little readers out there. This educational and fun game requires some thought! All you need is 26 eggs, labelled with all the letters in the alphabet. Your child will learn whilst having fun making word combinations. This is a great educational activity which can be enjoyed both inside and outside in the garden. 

Bird Watching  

Spring is the perfect time to see a wide range of species, as it’s the start of the breeding season. Create a tick list and/or a colouring sheet for your little ones and see which birds they spot. Through this educational activity, they will begin to learn about their natural environment and gain a basic understanding of life cycles.

Easter Infographic

Take care this Easter and let us know what your favourite Easter activity is!?

Thanks for reading!

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