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20/03/20 Blog

The Endless Benefits of Outdoor Play for Early Years! 

The benefits of outdoor play for early years

Outdoor play offers freedom both physically and mentally! Newby Leisure design, manufacture, supply and install playgrounds and playground equipment to make outdoor play educational and most importantly fun!

As summer approaches, the urge to play outdoors is ever more prevalent - and for good reason! Outdoor play allows children to freely express themselves without the limited constraints of an indoor classroom. Learning outdoors allows early years to explore, run, jump, create and shout to their heart's content. 

Here are five reasons why children should learn in the great outdoors: 

Aids Appreciation of the Outdoors

Learning outdoors teaches children about their natural environment. They experience all weathers and an array of wildlife in their natural habitat. Children must have the opportunity to spend time outdoors so that they can learn about different habitats and lifecycles. The more time they spend outdoors the more they will feel comfortable and have a good understanding of their natural environment. Early exposure to the outdoors may encourage an interest in outdoor hobbies, later on in life. Hobbies such as gardening, hiking, camping and backpacking. 

Encourages a Healthy and Active Lifestyle 

Children who play outdoors are much more likely to favour outdoor activities as they get older. Being exposed to outdoor play at a young age encourages children to be active and become hardened to the elements. They're more likely to enjoy activities such as climbing, running, walking and cycling: favouring these activities over new technology and indoor gaming. 

Aids Independence and Individualism 

The outdoor environment offers the space and freedom for children to discover themselves. They begin to explore their talents and create new ideas for games. They feel that they’re not directly being supervised. Children begin to understand that they’re able to do things by themselves without the supervision of adults. Through outdoor play children develop a confident and ‘can do’ attitude. This positive attitude acts as a solid base for future learning - putting them in a better position for adult life as they’re able to approach tasks with competence.

Developing Important Communication Skills 

Indoor classrooms and spaces can often feel crowded at the best of times. Many children feel intimidated by this chaotic environment. By offering a more healthy alternative, children feel able to come out of their ‘shells’ when playing outdoors. Outdoor learning offers early years the opportunity to talk, play and create freely with their friends, parents and teachers. A natural outdoor environment provides the foundation for young children to build important social skills they need to develop into a confident and strong communicator. 

Understanding Potential Risks and Hazards 

The great outdoors offers a variety of potential risks that children wouldn’t experience in an indoor classroom. They learn how to access and make calculated decisions as they play - “Should I jump off this?" or “Can I climb this tree?  Children have the chance to take on bigger and more challenging tasks allowing them to access and understand potential risks. 

The Endless Benefits of Outdoor Play for Early Years!

Lets us know what are you planning next for your next outdoor activity!?

Thanks for reading!

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