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02/12/19 Blog

Encouraging Imaginative Play at Christmas

Imaginative Play

Imaginative play is key to mastering decision making and social skills later on in adult life. Through Imaginative play, a child is making sense of the world around them. Developing practical life skills such as negotiation, cooperating and sharing with other children.

Children learn from experiencing and exploring different scenarios in their daily environment. By encouraging imaginative play, we offer our children the chance to develop healthy relationships and make better life choices in their adult life. Please see the infographic below to explore the benefits of imaginative play.

Why is Imaginative play beneficial?

  1. Role-play helps children identify, understand and interpret the adult world.
  2. Imaginative play helps early years and primary children develop social skills through problem-solving. Naturally, they build skills in negotiation, cooperation and sharing with other children.
  3. Emotional development is built by expressing and understanding their feelings through imaginative re-enactment; participating in roles that encourage empathy and discipline.
  4. Encourages creativity and imagination: children can play anything they desire in their pretend world.
  5. Language development is built through role-playing as children practice talking, listening and looking. As they communicate with other children their ability to identify body language as another method of communication.
  6. Natural Play decreases anxiety and stress in children: Natural imaginative play is a great release from their busy lives. Role-play helps children to unwind and relax.

Why is Imaginative play beneficial

Child absolutely love participating in role-playing with their parents. Help your little ones this Christmas by getting creative.

Are you stuck for ideas? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Here are some fun and imaginative ideas for you and your child.

Let’s Play - I’ll pretend to be the White Witch and you can play Aslan! Imagine your way into Narnia this Christmas.

Why is Imaginative play beneficial

Spark your child’s imagination this Christmas!

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Open the door to possibility 1

A child’s imagination can change rapidly, turning a bath into a swamp and bedsheets into a den.   Sharing beautiful imaginative experiences with your little one can help them become independent, creative and innovative thinkers - who may even change the world in the future.

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